Translator Solution Pack performs automated (machine) translation of products and saves the results to your store database for PrestaShopOpenCartMagento or VirtueMart  platform.

The main benefit of our solution is keeping translated data in the store’s database. Followingly, the crawlers (robots serving Google, MSN, Yahooo etc.) index more stores’ pages and you get higher Google, MSN, Yahoo placement on the search engine results pages. This will hence bring  higher amount of traffic to your online store. It means that you don’t need an online language switcher tool – which de-facto doesn’t improve Search Engine Optimization and doesn’t allow you to manage your translated website yourself.

Package includes the following features

  • Translate product details via online services
  • Comfortable editor interface for manual modification
  • Notification via email when translations are missing
  • Backup management for translated product
  • No incorporated online language switcher control at your front-end
  • Activity Log – you can review and manage what the module made

Module translates

  • Product title
  • Short and long description
  • SEO URL address
  • Meta Description Tag and Meta Keywords Tag

Administration of module

The module needs the API Key for connecting with the online translator as Microsoft BING Translator, Google Translator etc.

BING – Obtain the Primary Account Key

STEP 1:  Registration

Firstly, you have to get Live ID from Microsoft Registration Page. In the next step you get Primary Account Key from Microsoft BING Translator Application page . It isn’t important for our purposes.

STEP 2:  Then please subscribe with the application “Microsoft Translator” to get following screen:

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Then you can see in your my account => MY DATA section following:

Microsoft Azure Marketplace2

STEP 3: Then you have to get CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET credentials. See following screenshots:

1. Click to the DEVELOPERS.

.2014-08-16 10_57_35-Account Information _ Microsoft Azure Marketplace

2. Click to the REGISTER.

2014-08-16 10_55_47-Developers

3. Create the new application and SAVE that.

2014-08-16 11_01_08-Edit application MYAPP0003

The important values are CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET.

The service is for free up to 2.000.000 letters per month. After you reach this letter limit you can wait until next month or register another account.

Management of translation

There are three modes to perform product translation:

  1. Bulk Translation – From the Administration side – (bulk translation can be executed by CRON – it is necessary to set long time for PHP script running = “max_execution_time”.
  2. One by one Translation – From the Administration side ( it starts with translation after you click on the button in administration. It uses AJAX access. You can’t execute it via CRON)
  3. The customer’s translation = From front-end. When the visitor comes to product page at your website and translation of this product is performed. You don’t need to manage the translation process yourself and watch for untranslated products.

Next translation pack tools


This part of the module is looking for online stote products without machine translation.

Product details editor

The module provides an easy access to product details for an easy manipulation and management of data.


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