eSync Import Module does bulk updates and the synchronization of products between the wholesaler, dealer or distributor and your online store any time you want. Import Module Extension is controlled by administration interface which enables you to change the configuration for import process.

We provide eSync Import Module for synchronization of products with your online store based on PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, Lightspeed eCommerce, OpenCart, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, X-Cart or CSCart solution and Drop Shipping service.

Main Features of eSync Import Module

  • Automated download of supplier product datafeed file.
  • Automated upload of product details from the Data Feed or IceCat Catalog– product price, product name, product description, product upc, category, quantity, images, manufacturer, cross-sells, related products.
  • Syncronization of products with your distributor inventory at the time you want
  • Only selected XML categories will be imported to the selected Opencart categories.
  • Having imported products the module updates only the quantity, the price and the status; therefore, descriptions and information can be changed easily.
  • Delete/disable products that are nonexistent in XML.
  • The module deactivates the products if the quantity is 0 and activates it if the number of products is over 0.
  • Admin interface tool for price markup control (profit margin), category mapping tool
  • Activity logs

Overall Features of eSync modules in details

  • Option to Enable products according to the supplier status.
  • Set margin and price
  • Import module provides an option to set selling price for all or category wise.
    • suppose your buying price is $200, then you add 5% margin on the same and that price should show as special price.
  •  Use provider’s recommended selling price as Normal selling price.
    • RRP Provided by IM should be shown as selling price and price updated by us should be shown as special price.
  •  Add provider’s shipping costs
  • Combine provider’s descriptions with products’ descriptions
  • Update product’s weight
    • It adds products weight and dimensions, if available in the price file or can we fetch that from ice cat
  • Update product’s EAN/UPC
  • Add provider’s images and ICECAT Images
  • Add provider’s category images
  • Add provider’s manufacturers logos
  • Add provider’s related products
    • It manages cross sell, upsell, related products or accessories list
  • Layout design & PDF files
    • Module adds the IceCat specificatios (Product description, Specification, Accessories), PDF Files
    • Module imports SEO information as well and put that information on respective areas such as Meta Description, Page Title
  • Provider collision function
    • is used more suppliers are integrated to your store with same products
All abovementioned features are implemented in dependency of supplier datafeed content and store platform. Each module is customized to particular supplier, store type and customer requirements. Not all features listed above are applicable to all suppliers and all store platform.

Datafeed Connectors

The part of Import Module processing DataFeed (XML, CSV, XLS) is Connector. We prepare Datafeed Connectors for many suppliers and dealers listed below:

Succesfully integrated solution:

  • Ingram Micro integration
  • Chinabuye integration
  • Tech Data integration
Our Import Modules is open to upgrade by Product catalog enrich services:

  • IceCat Catalog integration
  • Etilize SPEX integration


Import Module features

  • support for UTF-8
  • support for multiple languages
  • support for multiple images
  • support for attributes and features
  • scheduled data import from dealer by cron job
  • insert product name, description, price, stock level
  • download images, resize and insert them into database
  • automatically creates categories and sub-categories
  • synchronize the selected categories with the supplier
  • multiple custom attributes like color, material, print size, category, etc.
  • synchronization – update a online store database with new of DataFeed
  • remove product which isn’t included in DataFeed
  • complete import process view via log file
  • avoid the time-out errors thanks to resuming of import process

Optional functions

  • manage your own product name and descriptions and mantain link to XML data through product key
  • manual import of chosen categories or products.
  • recalculate the sale price based on wholesale price
  • you can set a list of rules for availabilities in your eshop
  • improve SEO and price comparison site rankings with generator of metatags

Another additional functions concerning the management of import process can be created in accordance with your needs.

Administration interface

Configurable Import Module allows you to define:

Field mapping

Category mapping

Administration interface consists mainly of two tables. The table on the left contains your supplier’s categories (from XML Datafeed), the table on the right contains your store categories. In order to import products, you need to create mappings (relation) between these two tables. You can do so by clicking on supplier’s category in the left table, and then clicking on one or more categories in the left table. Then, after running the import, products from supplier’s category will be imported to selected store categories.
You can map as many supplier’s categories as you want and then click the “Save” button, which will save all changes you made.
You can also manage your entire category tree directly from the module administration interface – see the “Add Category” button, and rename and delete the icon in the right table.
There is a category automap feature available which will do it in just one click.


You can assign price margins based on supplier category by clicking on an appropriate column in the left table – then the price of products from this category will be multiplied by this margin. The margin is set in percents, so for example 20 means that the product price will be multiplied by 1.2.

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